This blog was set up purely as a personal diary of our travels. Its intent was no more than that, but it turns out more people read this than we knew about, so I suppose a thank you is in order.

What to expect from this blog.

The blog is pretty tongue in cheek, and all the information is particularly uninformative in terms of travelling logistics, hints and tips and so forth, but I am trying to improve that.

All the blog entries are written on the fly, without preparation, as and when I manage to find an internet cafe in the middle of nowhere, so expect plenty of mispslleing, and, grammatical, errors. I usually have very limited time to write these so forgive me if I don’t manage to cover all points, or fix anything I get wrong.

Although it may not explain exactly the process we follow, the detailings of bus/train routes, accommodation and places to eat etc, we do hope it inspires you to drop everything in your life and bugger off to places unknown, and realise that the western 9-5 routine we all find ourselves in is, in fact, a very easy lifestyle to break out of, and also fit right back into should you decide to.

We may post a little of our thoughts on this at some point and try to shoe horn in some actual advice and tips on achieving exactly what you want, and hopefully not in an overly verbose, American style self-help lifecoach kinda way.


How it all started.

The blog started back in 2010, as we planned to visit ‘Half the World in Half a Year.’ What started off as a quick “We did this, ate here, slept there” kind of diary, soon grew into longer, more loquacious look at what we were up to, written in a tone that causes me to roll my eyes every time I read through parts of it. I was young and naive. Now I’m old and cynical.

Well its 2014 and Veronica and I are setting sail once again. To be honest the  desire to pack up and go again has never left us, so we decided to save up and escape once more. I will continue to write this blog in the same tongue in cheek way, but hopefully with more informative posts this time around. 

Thanks for reading and following us if you do. Leave comments or questions and I will attempt to get back to everyone.

Cheers me dears.