Zài Jiàn from Beijing, China

That’s the end of the China chapter. At first we weren’t too impressed but we both admitted today that we have really enjoyed it. The people are not as bad as we first thought, and it was probably just us not being fully settled in. Beijing is actually a very nice city and we would recommend it to anyone coming to China. But alas it has come to an end, next stop, Bangkok, Thailand.
(Sean, yeah we got your facebook message, however we can not access Facebook here in China to reply but we were able to read it in our emails. Thanks for the advice. It’s brilliant and we can not wait to get there. The only thing I worry about is being ripped off. I’m terrible at haggling. Will email once we get there.)

Thailand is going to be amazing. We can not wait for the food, sunshine, beaches and partying. We met a few sound Irish guys in our hostel in Beijing and they gave us great information on Ko Pha Ngan so it look its going to be immense. A little worried about the mosquitos in Thailand though. China has plenty but apparently its not even a fraction of the amount in Thailand and I have already been eaten alive here. Normally I don’t kill insects back home (like some kind of hippy) but here I relish the opportunity to wipe out a mosquito or 10. I actually go out of my way for the chance. Pointless bloody insect.

So our final update on Beijing…We went to the Olympic Stadium, took a photo…and left. Its a cool stadium, but its only a stadium. Oh did some breaking under some awesome yellow tress. I think I posted this in the last update actually, but anyway here are the photos.

Also checked out Tian’ namen Square…Just a big empty square. Amazing history but didn’t make for great photos today… A few Chinese teenagers came up to us and asked if they could get a photo with Veronica. This has happened quite a few times now. Some of the photos below. Quite funny and also a nice compliment. As usual I’m left out :( I’m not as interesting to gawk at.
And finally checked out Jingshan Park which overlooks the Forbidden City. Amazing amazing views.

Going for a final feed of drink now, and hopefully arrive in Thailand not dying a death.


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  1. Have a safe journey and spray up well against those mozzies!!!

    Veronica you look gorgeous in your wee hoodie, no wonder everyone wanted to be photographed with you!!

    Good to see you keeping fit Paul. You not lost the touch!!


    Ma & Da

  2. Hi Paul and Veronica

    I sentyou both a few notes which may help for Thailand via Facebook
    I love the photos and text. Enjoy thailand

    Love Sean

    • Hey you’re both probably in Thailand now! Hope you both get a bit of luxury there, and sun! You’re blogs are great, and I’m sure you were both knackered after the great wall! Looking forward to your next update,
      Take care, Love Jo x Ilkkan said hi!
      PS thanks for adding me to facebook! I finally got with the times!

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