Nǐhǎo from Beijing, China – Great Wall Update

We would love to reply to the messages here but it will have to wait until we are in Thailand in 2days, as it is taking over 30 minutes just to load this blog for us to post. It is like living in the dark ages with the internet here. Incredibly slow. Easier to send everyone postcards…

Anyway, after a disastrous first attempt to make it to the Great Wall we ended up booking a the hostel tour bus to it to save all the hassle. It was more expensive this way but it also includes an acrobatic show and transportation, breakfast and lunch. Not bad considering the headache we got trying to do it ourselves.

So 2 days ago we went to the Great Wall. It was pretty amazing, and the views were out f this world. The wall itself is more than 10,000 km long and must have traversed about 9,000km of it, well it felt like it once we were done. We were walking for 3 hours or more, most of it being steps so our legs are hanging off us now. We were determined to make it to the highest peak of the Mutianyu section. After the first 4 flights of stairs only leading up to the wall Veronica had to rest, chest hurting, legs wobbling. So I thought we weren’t even going to make it a quarter of the way, but in fact Veronica did well and found her rhythm, and we made it to the top. It was intense, but well worth it. Such a view. Photos below, however they do not do the journey justice. If only photos could capture more than what we saw, and could also capture emotions and feelings they would look a lot different. The photos would be all sweaty and wobbly, and full of contempt for other tourists who kept getting in the way taking daft photos of themselves standing in front of stuff while we were on a mission to hit the top in quite a small time limit.  Veronica lost her favourite Swarovski necklace here and hasn’t shut up since. Luckily she only realised on the way home so she didn’t force me to go searching for it up and down the wall again. I actually wish we could have a final count of the number of steps we climbed up and down as it was definitely in the thousands.

Yesterday and today was quite funny. Veronica despises stairs. She can hardly walk and cursing me as I was bit of a drill sergeant on the wall, making her take 2 steps at a time to save time and making her run back down to make it in time for the complimentary lunch. :)

Last night we also went to an acrobatics show, and as much as I was dying to take photos we were not allowed, and unfortunately words can not describe how incredible it was. Mind blowing.  Some of the fittest feats of human strength and balance I have ever seen. Anything we have seen in Ireland, like the Russian acrobatic circus etc, will never come as close to this. It was almost dream-like how extraordinary it was. I wish I had videos or photos. Apparently the training school for these children are almost like prison  and they are forced through physical and mental pain from 5 years old until they perfect their art…but damn is it worth it for us fat useless observers.

We also made chinese  dumplings the other night, and were taught how to make the filling and fold the pastry in different shapes. Quite difficult but it was good craic. Made us both realy miss cooking, but hopefully Thailand will fix that. We have researched a few thai cooking courses and can’t wait to get our cook on in the hostels. :)

Today we went to the Olympic Stadium. Pretty cool to see, that’s about it. Did some breaking in the surrounding grounds under awesome autumn yellow trees. Photos are a bit uninspiring, and we will add them in the next update as it will take too long in this one.

Peace out for now!
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  1. How come you two couldn’t find the great wall,you can see it from outer space!
    Does Veronica miss me holding her up when she gets wobbly,and not a bar in sight!
    Great to see you,brilliant photos,have a safe journey to thailand love Da.
    Ma waited 2 hours for me to type this,take care xx

    I did honest, with a merrr every ten seconds!!!

    Great update and photos. – a real stroll in the park you both had! ha ha

    Love Ma xxx

    • Haha awesome. Thanks for the comment da! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Thankfully Veronica has not been in any bad shapes just yet. We have taken it pretty easy. Chinese beer is cheap but not very strong. Actually there’s a turn up for the books, Veronica is on the beer now. Well light beer anyway. Which is cool.
      Hope you comment again and don’t let the computer beat you ;)
      Next stop Thailand,
      chat soon!
      love paul and veronica!

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