Lay Ho from Hong Kong, China

Here we go, Hong Kong.
After the peaceful, pristine cities and its beautiful respectful citizens we headed for Hong Kong. On arrival it was clear that this city was the polar opposite of Tokyo. Crazy busy, crazy people, crazy traffic, crazy lights and crazy humidity. The once peaceful city walks, greeted with respectful bows and konnichiwas from the japanese locals were soon replaced with 10o0s of chinese people shouldering their way through the crowds with zero tolerance and repsect for us westies as we tried our best to swim with, and against the currents. At first, we have to admit, we found it slightly daunting, and very difficult not to compare it to Japan and its people.

I once read a story before about a Japanese crowd who went to France. They experienced a rude waiter in one restaurant and after this a few of them needed counseling as they had never experienced such rudeness in people. I always thought this was weird seeing as we experience this regularly at home and abroad, but after visiting Japan it is so easy to see why these people were so taken back by ignorant people. Such a unique country and culture. I can’t express how unbelievable it is.

Anyway I digress.

Hong Kong is mental. But after a day of neon lights, massive crowds, noise, and traffic we quickly found our feet. We spent the first night, walking, getting stressed and wondering where the appeal was in Hong Kong. We had a terrible first meal. We regretably went to a Thai restaurant where the food was awful, cold, and barely heated in a microwave…the waiters were extremely rude. He actually took the money out of my hand as I counted it out. Terrible first impression, but we decided not to let this one resturant taint our opinion of Hong Kong and the people.

The next day we met my good friend Sun and his girlfriend Boa and sister Danni, who travelling more than 7 hours to meet us. They took us for breakfast…we had shrimp ball and noodle soup, and prawn fried rice…for breakfast. This became the norm actually. The food was amazing  and every morning we looked forward to what would normally be a dinner back home. All the food we had in Hong Kong was pretty damn good actually. We ate in some back street cafes with ducks and chickens hanging in the window but the food was great. Boa was pretty fond of her cow stomach lining on rice dish…we didn’t try it. Photo below. (its the weird hexagonal thing on rice dish)

Veronica and I went to see a giant Buddha one day. Pretty amazing place although most of it was man made leading up to the Buddha itself. But all in all a good trip, and it was good to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Photos below. We also went to he beach one day with Sun and Boa, and pretty much fell asleep on the beach for an hour. It was pretty much overcast the whole time so I didn‘t get to rock a pair of speedos.

Apart from this, we took it easy and enjoyed Hong Kong with Sun and Boa, and found some cool bars to drink in. Finally able enjoy a drink or 10 without caring about our wallet. :) We also went shopping a lot, but bought nothing in particular.

Nothing else really to report on. Hong Kong was a pretty cool experience thanks to Sun and Boa.
(Sun and Boa, thank you so much for coming to Hong Kong. It was brillaint seeing you again and hope you visit Ireland soon, we had an amazing time!)

So off to Beijing we go, where the weather is a toasty 8 degrees celcius.

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  1. Hi Paul and ve

    Lovely to see you back putting on more info and pictures.

    great for you to have met up with sun and his girlfriend! (she is even tinier than Veronica) especially when it seems you needed them in what seems like a chaotic city!
    Can understand why you did not fancy eating stomach lining – even if it does look like potatoe waffles!!

    Photos are brilliant and as always happy to see you both looking very relaxed!
    Rose and I thrilled to hear your voices on Monday, really made our day! We miss you both.

    Take care

    Love you

    Mum and Dad


    • Yeah hong was brilliant. Much more fun than beijing even though its our 2nd day. People here are so miserable. All have a look on their face like their dog has just died. And veronica stands out like a sore thumb. 95% of people stare at her (not look, but staaaaare!) and its extremely rude and discomforting, but we read today in a book that is normal to stare. privacy is considered as arrogance and staring is apparently a respectful thing. doesn’t feel that way whenever they all hold a look of contempt…maybe that is just their general expression, but its hard for us to figure out why especially after japan where everyone was so respectful and so so so polite. So different here.

      We had intended on calling sooner and after the phonecall the other day we realised we only spent a few quid but thought it was more. will call again before thailand or when we arrive there :)

      chat soon ma and da
      love paula nd veronica

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