Borneo, Kota Kinbalu, Quick Update

Quick Update – Borneo

Belfast to London, London to Mumbai, Mumbai to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Kota Kinbalu. No luggage.

That was a fun trip.

The flight from London to Mumbai was fine, no issues, decent food, good on board entertainment, and lasted about 8 hours 30mins. Arrived in Mumbai and headed straight for our next gate to connect to Hong Kong, and apparently are bags were checked all the way through. Nope.

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Quick Update

Quick Update

Hi there, as you may have noticed we now have a proper address on the interwebs.
Our orignal site, is still live but we are not maintaining it anymore. We’ve updated the look and functionality with this new site, however (ironically) none of the galleries are working since I ported over the previous site’s content to this domain. Unfortunately no galleries are active in any of the posts prior to this one.

However, any updates from here on in will be just fine, and display galleries no problem.

I fully intend on recreating the original galleries for the previous posts as and when I get the chance. They will return at some point.

T’is all.